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Mobile Tickets:

Ticket Beacon Ticket SampleTickets will be sent to the email address provided above. Your mobile phone will be your ticket. It saves you from forgetting your ticket at home or losing it. Simply show your phone to the ticket attendant, and they will scan your phone in a second (or less).

Mobile ticketing is eco-friendly, easy to use and requires no special downloads for your guests. Plus, guests can easily forward mobile tickets to friends & family arriving separately.

Print @ Home:

This ticket type requires you to print your own ticket at home and bring it with you to the event.

You will receive our confirmation email with the link to print your ticket. Print at your convenience.

Physical Ticket:

This is the good ole, old fashioned 1980's way. You will receive a normal ticket, if you happen to forget your ticket, sorry but it can't be exchanged for a mobile. Choose smartly 🙂